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The Bombay Talkies Studios - Pillar of Indian Cinema celebrated the 108th Birth Anniversary of the legendary founder Rajnarayan Dube. The celebration was headed by filmmaker Aazaad, He spoke about the vast differences in the content of modern cinema and the cinema which prevailed during the time period of Rajnarayan Dube and also briefed about the journey of Rajnarayan Dube, the legendary founder of Bombay Talkies.

It is noteworthy that Bombay Talkies is famous for content oriented cinema and now the present team is following the same legacy which was created by Rajnarayan Dube.

Filmmaker Aazaad said, Rajnarayan Dube was not only an engrossing art lover but also an imaginative and artful personality. He established the legendary film company and Pillar of Indian Cinema Bombay Talkies to fulfill the great purpose of bringing the cinema out of the perimeter of the then-occupied beliefs. He wanted Indian film making to be a respectable profession. He thus stipulated that Bombay Talkies would only hire graduates. He hoped this move would legitimize the Indian film industry of the thirties and forties and it certainly did. The beauty of the cinema began to shine like the sun. Rajnarayan Dube is single handedly responsible for making careers of some of the leading talents in the golden age of Indian Cinema including Himanshu Rai, Devika Rani, Ashok Kumar, Raj Kapoor, Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Dev Anand, Leela Chitnis, Dilip Kumar, Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Madhubala, Sashadhar Mukherjee, Bimal Roy, and many more. Today we can profoundly say the industry is an endowment by the legend Shri Rajnarayan Dube.

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